Talk Title: Create the Things that You Wished Existed

Abstract: Stephanie Lanier began the hardest years of her life when she should have been experiencing the joy that accompanies raising a child with a partner you love; watching your toddler growing, developing, and taking the first moves towards eventual independence. Instead, the ground fell apart beneath her in a series of hospital and surgical waiting rooms. She faced a valley of darkness and loneliness. In this place, Stephanie discovered the secret; she realized she needed to create what she wished existed: a bridge from where she was, to where she needed to go. But, realizing you need to move forward isn’t the real secret. At the heart of every dark moment, we all know that forward motion, in one form or another, is inevitable. The secret is serving a broader community. When you build a bridge it isn’t just for you; it’s for everyone else trying to cross from where they are, to where they need to be.

Bio: One of Stephanie Lanier’s core beliefs: when you have hardship in your life, you shouldn’t waste it.  Many words describe Lanier: wife, mom, realtor, entrepreneur, blogger, special needs advocate. Yet, being a “wholehearted tribe builder” is the thread connecting the experiences of and creations in her life.  Life-changing moments fueled a search for connection, purpose and spaces for vulnerability.  In 2012, Lanier co-founded Wilmington-based Lanier Property Group alongside her husband, Andrew. She also created The Inspiration Lab, a membership community for women encouraging work-life integration, deeper friendships and the design of more manageable and meaningful lives.