Talk Title: The Innovation Wave: Survival is Optional

Abstract: Pick any problem that plagues our world (poverty, homelessness, chronic disease, disaster relief, education that works, etc.) and you’ll be able to find thousands, if not tens of thousands, of organizations that are working to solve that problem.   Yet, we rarely see breakthrough achievements in these problems, and they are certainly not going away. Why is that?   Because the impact created by these independent efforts create only minor ripples in the massive problem.

A new approach is needed – one in which success builds upon success. Much like the compounding effect of interest creates a new trajectory of growth when applied to money, this compounding effect is what will drive real sustainable impact against these massive problems. Without the compounding effect, each of the thousands of innovation efforts will make their individual ripples – each apart from the other, thus failing to build into something greater.

What if, however, we could have ripple building upon ripple – each innovation picking up where the last one left off, sharing of insights and solutions?   It is then that these ripples form the waves that can drive the future we envision.

Bio: Ms Bates is a veteran Chief Marketing Officer and ‘Innovation Nut’. After spending fifteen years working with organizations – from Fortune 100 to start-ups – to help them improve the success rate of innovation, she had what she calls her “Jerry McGuire” moment. The result: her book The Social Innovation Imperative which illustrates how the same techniques and methods that helped major corporations launch successful products, could be used to address complex social problems. This started her quest to identify ways to exponentially increase the success rate of innovation in the social sector.