Talk Title: “Culturonomics”

Abstract: This is the information era, and the workforce is in on it. People can post Glassdoor reviews and Facebook rants much faster than businesses can post company literature. That’s why, in this new employee-centric era, companies are aching to have a phenomenal company culture — one that wins awards and attracts top talent. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, called the Netflix Culture deck “one of the most important documents to ever come out of the Valley.” But a presentation about culture isn’t enough. Here’s the not-so-talked-about way most companies, despite their best efforts, are setting their company culture up for a colossal failure.

Bio: Jim Hall always hits the ground running – hard. His unstoppable drive and relentless hustle manifest both in his ability to build an enterprise from the ground up and in his dedication to running ultramarathons on the weekends. Intense work ethic and high risk tolerance have fueled Jim’s career path, propelling him into different positions anywhere from a Series A Investor to a Director of Sales to where he now serves as the CTO of N2 Publishing, a company that’s challenging the way America sees print media. But while Jim has had a hand in launching several successful organizations, his greatest setback was once investing everything into a company that ultimately collapsed within four years. With a fail-not attitude, though, Jim made his failures his teachers and his weaknesses his motivators – an attitude that has secured his reputation as both an architect of change and a catalyst of progression. Today, Jim is hailed as a thought leader in his industry and as a pioneer for inspiring business in a way that actually matters.