Talk Title: Be a Part of Agriculture | Growing Healthy People

Abstract: Our food system has failed us. We are growing food for the wrong reasons, the majority of what Americans eat is processed, and we are sicker than ever. We have reached a point where almost everyone has been touched by the auto-immune and degenerative disease epidemic ravaging society. Most of us are connecting the dots between disease, diet, and environmental toxicity; but our leaders are short on solutions, and they have created a socioeconomic system that values profit over people. The solutions are all around us, and between our ears. It is time to take our nutrition and our health into our own hands, develop our “personal agriculture,” and understand the fundamental influence of our buying power. For me, agriculture is the source of the problems that we face, but it can also be the solution. Let’s be a righteous part of agriculture. Together, we can change the world one garden and one bite at a time.

Bio: Evan believes in exploring ways to bring abundance to humanity, primarily through agriculture and the integration of technology with the natural and spiritual world. He has done that over time through founding and operating businesses including a retail garden center in Wilmington for 15 years called Progressive Gardens, a manufacturing/wholesale company called Progressive Farms that pioneered compost tea technology, an organic lawn care company called A Natural Approach, a commercial wheatgrass business, and an organic farm in Castle Hayne that operated a community supported agriculture (CSA) program.

He pays the last 16+ years of experience forward through his consulting platform called Be Agriculture.

“Everyone is a part of agriculture, whether we realize it or not. Not everyone can grow their own food, but as the great Wendell Berry said, ‘Eating is an agricultural act.’ The reality is that we are further from our food than we have ever been before, what we eat has become unconscious resulting in agriculture being conducted for the wrong reasons – food is no longer our medicine. We are at an inflection point of diet and disease in our society and agriculture is at the center of the conversation.” states Evan.

Evan was recently elected Supervisor of New Hanover Soil & Water Conservation District.  He is interested in developing projects to enhance agriculture in the county and ensure the protection and enhancement of the soil and water supply.

Evan believes wholeheartedly that if we fix the soil, we fix ourselves.