Talk Title: The Journey to Enough: Finding Your Minimum Viable Happiness

Abstract: We often believe that drive and happiness are dichotomies, one that requires the sacrifice of the other. With intense passion, Ellen argues that happiness can, and should be, found in the midst of the ambitious life.

Bio: Ellen was born with a love for entrepreneurialism, and a passion that comes from striving, from achieving. She’s had a front row seat to the entire lifecycle of the entrepreneur – from startups pitching their ideas in front of angel investors to established owners exiting their businesses. But it wasn’t enough for her just to observe from the sidelines. In 2015, she became the Co-founder and COO of a business consulting firm with her father. Through it all, she’s learned that drive and happiness can be found in tandem, but it takes a different kind of mindset. And she wants to help you find it for yourself.