Talk Title: “Build The World You Want To Die In”

Abstract: I’ve gained a perspective about how we interact with the digital world. As an internet application developer and digital entrepreneur I work with digital tech to create productivity solutions for startups and helping to bring accessible wellness tools to the ill and elderly. In the above environments, the noise of technology is hushed and abstract information instead becomes automation. That silent ecosystem is the next stage of our digital information.

For example, by creating an “ecosystem of information,” we can use quantified-self data and Internet of Things monitoring to provide meals or medicines in tune to the seasons of an individual, a household, or a community.The same technologies that trigger over 100 notifications a day can work in silence and be directed not into alerts, but rather into automated actions for the benefit of everyone in the information ecosystem. If basic needs are served through automation and human attention is focused undistracted by notifications or the distress of basic survival, civilization can progress dramatically. Artificial Intelligence won’t take our jobs. It will give us time to invent better one

Bio: Born in New York, I was transplanted in Wilmington, NC and set root in 1996. With a growing interest in digital technology during the boom of the dot com era, I began learning how to program websites and applications as a hobby. Though I loved the concepts presented by computers and the promise of artificial intelligence, I’ve always been a philosophy enthusiast extremely obsessed with the concepts of human actualization and self-realization. Wilmington has presented me many opportunities to discover myself in education and art through my life here. I’ve embraced martial arts, poetry, and entrepreneurship as my methods to embrace challenges and participate in the many activities this city has offered. Joining my interests together I’ve been dedicating myself to applying computer and internet technologies to improve the performance of people and businesses believing that increasing the opportunities our community has to thrive is the best contribution I can offer it.