Talk Title: The Empathy Machine: An Avatar’s Bridge to Understanding

Abstract: All humans have three things in common; birth, death and the judgment of our peers on how good of a person we were between those first two events.

Certain religious beliefs claim our spirit will face judgment for our beliefs and choices in life.  Cognitive science materialism claims spirit/consciousness is a byproduct of our physical brain.  Therefore, judgment for our beliefs and choices are experienced here and now by society itself.

Both positions are studying Near-Death Experiences as potential crossroads to evaluate their positions.  David Wise is less interested in proof for either position and values the focus on life and behavioral changes made by those religious, agnostic or atheists alike who return from the Near-Death Experience.  David posits that similar behavioral changes and emotional healing properties can be made available through the use of carefully designed virtual reality experiences.  We don’t have to nearly die to heighten our emotional cognition, empathic and compassionate purpose.

Bio: David Wise believes tapping the consciousness through modern technology can create experiences that heal the emotional and relational connections in us all.

As a multimedia producer, David has an expansive history in advertising, network & reality television, corporate communications, SEO marketing, filmmaking and now a primary focus on instructional design and virtual reality development. Passionate about the science of design and its effects on human perception and behaviors, intermingled with his autodidact pursuits in cognitive sciences and spiritual concepts, a new life path has emerged to design experiences that promote behavioral changes and bridge the gaps in our empathy and compassion for one another.