Talk Title: Bridging the Racial Gap of Socio-Economics

Abstract: Cedric gives a history lesson that will inspire you to become a part of history as well. He bridges the history of his hometown Wilmington, NC to the history of his personal life. He illustrates this lesson through moments in his life where he built bridges to better situations, first for himself, and then for others through his 3 year old organization Support The Port.

Bio: Cedric is a Media Specialist from Wilmington, North Carolina, who has spent over eight years working in the media industry, formerly serving as the Producer of The Exchange Radio Show on WWWE 1100 am (Atlanta) and iHeart radio, and as a Brand Strategist with The Resource Guild, a 360 degree brand management, strategy, and consulting agency in Atlanta, Georgia, that hosts clients like Millercoors, Ferrari/Maserati, Street Execs Management (Management company for 2 Chainz, Travis Porter, Young Dolph and many more.)

Cedric currently serves as the Assistant Coordinator of The Nixon Minority Male Leaders Center, at Cape Fear Community College. In this role, he works on improving minority retention and graduation rates, supporting students in the program with free college tours of NC-based colleges, providing free tutors to ensure students are supported with their academic endeavors and hosting events such as monthly panel discussions on diversity, employment, and other relevant topics. This experience has propelled his growth as a trusted leader on minority issues in the community and aligns perfectly with his desire to support education and employment opportunities.

Cedric is also the Founder and Executive Director of Support The Port Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)3 non profit organization that aims to “bridge” the communities of Wilmington together through philanthropy, scholarship, music, arts and culture. Through these roles Cedric strives to connect individuals with opportunities and expand their horizons, while creating a more equitable and harmonious community. His call to action began 15 years ago, when his best friend, who was just 17 years old at the time, shot and killed another boy in self-defense. News of a child killing another child in a gang-related crime was a shocking event in Wilmington, North Carolina and marked a tipping point toward the rapid escalation of gangs in the community. For Cedric, the shooting was a fork in the road that led him to dedicate his life to promoting social justice, violence prevention, and improving economic opportunities for young African Americans in Wilmington. He has taken many
steps toward becoming a leader on these issues in Wilmington, including leading anti-violence campaigns and forming a non-profit agency called Support the Port, whose mission is “to enhance, cultivate and provide a renewed sense of community ownership and excellence for residents of Wilmington, North Carolina.”  Ultimately, Cedric’s vision is to develop a more peaceful, integrated, and prosperous society for all residents.

Cedric has a strong track record of building bridges to connect people and ideas, and a long history of implementing interventions to help those in need in Wilmington. Cedric grew up in deeply under-served areas in Wilmington, and has first-hand experience with what it takes to overcome the barriers to success. The strategies he uses form a multi-pronged approach, to improve connectivity, economic opportunity and self worth.