Talk Title: New Way Round – Underlying Hidden Code For Transformation

Abstract: Life and reality exist on a variety of granular levels and perspectives across a spectrum of beliefs.  What if we could transcend our own personal perspective, no matter how briefly – step away from our version of reality and create a new vantage point to help us see the magic in what whirls around us every day.

Bio: Delivering quick, sustainable results to increase revenues, reduce costs, and maximize profitability by rapidly improving all functional areas is the common thread across Adam Burke’s diverse executive career.  He received his B.S. from Rensselaer in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in Economics and concentration in Manufacturing and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University with an M.B.A in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. After starting his career on the functional front lines of manufacturing, sales, and marketing, Adam continued to excel in leadership and executive roles in both traditional global Fortune 10 (PG/GE) and start-up/turn-around businesses. With leadership experience across all major markets including CPG, Medical, Industrial, Automotive, Consumer Electronics,  Service, Telecommunications, Foods and Drinks, Pharmaceutical, and Nutritionals– he has created his own entrepreneurial approach to helping companies and teams achieve results beyond traditional boundaries. Adam is passionate about helping grow businesses, developing teams, and solving problems in fast-paced new or competitive environments.  He is frequently asked to lecture at top universities to share his business strategies, entrepreneurial approach, and leadership experiences with students.  He and his teams have won many customer and industry awards for leadership, customer service, product innovation, and global partnerships.